Survey: Palestinians Oppose Real Peace, Support Terror

Palestinian poll finds most of younger generation want facade of peace talks backed by terrorist campaign

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A survey published this week revealed that most young Palestinians are only interested in the kind of solution to the current conflict that can be brought about by terrorist violence.

Conducted by the Palestinian NGO Jerusalem Media and Communications Center, the survey was conducted among Palestinians aged 16–30 in both Gaza and the so-called “West Bank.”

An overall majority of respondents said they support the current wave of terrorist stabbings and other attacks against Israeli Jews, and a similar majority felt the violence was beneficial to the Palestinian national cause.

Most interesting were the responses to questions regarding the peace process.

While a slim 53 percent majority supported a possible resumption of negotiations, 67 percent insisted that peace talks alone would not produce an acceptable outcome.

In fact, 64 percent of Palestinians indicated they have no interest in working with like-minded Israelis to find a non-violent solution.

In other words, peace negotiations must be combined with terrorism.

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