Tel Aviv Hosts Unique Climate Change Exhibition

Tel Aviv has become a leading city in combatting climate change at the municipal level

By Israel Today Staff | | Topics: Environment
Eco Building Tel Aviv
Photo: Courtesy Lydia Weitzman

A new exhibition, the first of its kind in the world addressing climate change, opens July 18, 2019 at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art.

Entitled “Solar Guerrilla: Constructive Responses to Climate Change,” the exhibition looks at the perspective of cities as tools for changing the way humans care for our planet. “The exhibition, which is the first of its kind in the world to address the issue of climate change from the perspective of cities as tools for instigating change, showcases a series of interdisciplinary collaborations with a range of public and private institutions, commercial companies, and professionals from around the world,” organizers said in a statement.

Thirty participants and 35 case studies will be presented from cities including, among others, New York, Chicago, Copenhagen, Shanghai, Singapore, Hong Kong, Masdar and Tel Aviv, which has become a leader in ecological innovation. See, for example, the eco-building in Tel Aviv pictured.

In a press release, organizers explain: “Cities can serve as laboratories for experimenting with solutions and lively hubs for the generation of new ideas, offering fertile ground for collaborations and initiatives. The project is concerned with cities as tools for instigating change. The exhibition features a range of possible initiatives adapted to specific geographical environments: some of them are currently being implemented in different cities around the world, others will be implemented in the future, and yet others will remain utopian suggestions.”

Leading international architectural firms participating include, among others, WOHA (Singapore); Turenscape – Kongjian Yu (China); The Big U (New York and Copenhagen); Third Nature (Copenhagen); and Foster + Partners (London), as well as cooperation with, among others, MIT,  the UN Climate Change Secretariat, American environmentalist Bill McKibben and Israel-based Breezometer and SolarEdge Technologies.

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