MembersA Stroll Through Armageddon – the History and Place of Megiddo

Join us for a fascinating tour of Meggido, where many believe the battle to end all battles will one day occur

By Israel Today Staff | | Topics: archaeology
The impressive tunnel leading down to the spring that provided life-giving water to the city of Meggido. Photo: Chen Leopold/Flash90

The last and greatest battle of all is yet to happen and according to Christian tradition it all occurs on the mound of Megiddo – Har Megiddo in Hebrew – or Armageddon. On this tour with Sharona Liman we visited the site of the scene of the final, apocalyptic battle between the cosmic forces of Good and Evil at the End of Days.

A video recording of the tour can be viewed below ↓


Megiddo – a history of conflict

The very first Battle of Megiddo took place in the 15th century BC between Ancient Egyptians led by Pharaoh Thutmose III and a large Canaanite coalition. In fact, it is the first ever battle in the history of the world to be recorded.

Deborah’s victory over the army of Sisra took place around the area of Megiddo, and Pharaoh Shoshenq I also mentions Megiddo on his list of conquests.

A third Pharaoh who fought in the valley of Megiddo in 609 BC was Necho II, who...

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