MembersThe Ex-Orthodox – Part II

Emergence of the New Judaism

By Tsvi Sadan |
Ultra orthodox Jewish hats
HATS OFF: Many ultra-Orthodox Jews are leaving the fold Photo: Nati Shohat/Flash90

Two distinct groups of workers are participating in the “New Judaism” construction project—the ex-Orthodox and the “renewed Jews.”


Concerning the first group, the observations of one Rabbi Menachem are helpful to understand how bad religious education is behind this phenomenon of Jews leaving the Orthodox fold. Many, he says, are being taught that Judaism is all about punishment and reward.


“Many religious Jews don’t understand their religiosity as meaningful in the spiritual, moral and ethical plane,” explains the rabbi. “They understand it as a tragic existence, as living under the whims of a capricious God that one would better do without.”


There are also those who don’t believe that the Torah, or faith in God, are of any value. These people are preoccupied with their own desires and fail to see the genuinely devout Jews who are beaming with holiness. They can’t see all those students of Torah who have developed an excellent character,...

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