MembersThe Fallout of the Israel UAE Peace Deal

Relations between some Arab parties and Israel is now the talk of the day

By Yochanan Visser |
Photo: Public Domain

With the appliance of Israeli sovereignty over parts of Judea and Samaria, as well as the whole Jordan Valley, now on a back-burner, a stunning development in the relations between some Arab parties and Israel is now the talk of the day.

At the end of last week, Israeli and Arab media reported that Israel and the United Arab Emirates had decided to normalize relationships and come out in the open about their relations, which for many years had been informal, but friendly.

The first sign something was changing in the relationship between Israel and the UAE were two direct flights by Etihad Airlines, the national carrier of the UAE, to Ben Gurion Airport during the Corona crisis.

Etihad brought equipment and medicines to the Palestinian Arabs, but the Palestinian Authority refused to collect the aid citing it would be regarded as normalization between Israel and the PA. Israel then decided to send the goods to the port of Ashdod where they were stored temporarily before transferring them...

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