MembersThe Foxtrot of Israeli Politics

Israel is dancing the foxtrot. One step to the left, one to the right, and now and then steps forward and then back again.

By Aviel Schneider |
Photo: Poster of the Movie

Almost 70 years have passed and Israel is still dancing on the same spot. On the political front, Israel has not moved a single step forward with her enemies. In other words: The peace process, if there actually even is such a thing, is running at full throttle in neutral, as we say in Hebrew.

F oxtrot is actually a rather unimpressive movie that appeared recently in Israeli cinemas. And if Israel’s Ministry of Culture hadn’t publicly criticized one particular scene, most people would probably never have even heard of this film, let alone have actually seen it. Yet the fact is that this film rubs salt into that very wound in society that we have been attempting to heal for the last 70 years.

Neither left-wing nor right-wing policies have brought Israel forward in the political arena. There have been countless steps, but all without any real progress. One person will blame the Arabs for this; another will finger Israel as the guilty party. Foxtrot the movie deals precisely with this phenomenon. Directed by Samuel Maoz, who won the...

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