MembersIsrael’s Heroic Normalcy

For 70 years Israel has been fighting for her survival, and yet we still find time to boycott the price of cottage cheese, our teachers strike for better salaries and educational opportunities for our children, and tent cities regularly sprout up all over Israel in protest at the lack of affordable housing.

By David Lazarus |
Photo: Flash 90

Where do the Israelis find the courage to maintain a “normal” life amidst our existential struggle?

The development of a normalized society in Israel cannot be explained by our confidence in the strength of our army, even after winning five major wars. Nor can it be attributed to our ability to withstand unending terrorism. Peace and security for us is not a lack of conflict. Rather, it is the heroic determination to maintain our routines while under fire. When our children keep getting on busses to school under the threat of suicide bombings, they are acquiring the knowledge and skills that will one day make them better soldiers, more successful employees, and wiser and more committed citizens. When a coffee shop reopens its doors just hours after a murderous terror attack, they grow an economy whose robustness helps keep us alive. Israelis have overcome not only because of our strong military, but because through each and every devastating trauma we refuse to allow ourselves to panic, or stagnate. Instead, we press forward, more determined than ever...

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