MembersThe Israeli Doctors Trying to Help Gaza’s Wounded

“Israeli doctors are no longer a shocking phenomenon here in Gaza,” says Mohammed, a resident of the coastal enclave whose real name cannot be revealed for security reasons since the territory’s Hamas overlords forbid speaking to Israeli media.

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Gaza Strip
Photo: Salah Haj Yahya – PHR-I Director of Mobile Clinic

“They come here every two months or so, they bring medicine and try to help people, but their assistance pales in comparison to the needs of Gazans,” he adds.

The situation is indeed dire. Gaza’s Ministry of Health recently warned that a severe lack of medicines was causing a rapid deterioration in the overall health of local residents. Conditions worsened as a result of the “Great March of Return” that began on March 30. Initially touted as a non-violent demonstration, the mass gatherings quickly turned bloody as Gazans tried to break through Israel’s southern border in accordance with Hamas’ stated goal of destroying the Jewish state. More than 100 locals have been killed, and many thousands more wounded. The lack of medical supplies to treat them has brought Gaza’s medical institutions to the brink of collapse.

But not everyone has given up hope. Ran Goldstein, the executive director of Physicians for Human Rights-Israel (PHR-I), an organization that aims to improve health in the Palestinian Authority and the Gaza Strip, says he and his staff are providing Gazans with everything from...

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