MembersThe Jews of Arabia and the Making of Islam, Part 2

Part II

By Yoni Israel | | Topics: Jews of Arabia

[Editor’s note: The article presents the situation as Muslims see it. Please note that we are not endorsing the notion that Allah is the same as the God of the Bible.]

slam calls God “Allah,” creator of the world and everything in it, good and evil. Allah communicates with man and watches over his actions. For this reason, man must pray to him and keep his commandments. Allah was not conceived, nor does he conceive. Though Muslims believe that Allah communicated with Israel’s prophets and Jesus, Jews and Christians have corrupted the word of Allah. This idea is expressed in the Shahada, the confession of faith: “There is no god but Allah, and Muhammad is the messenger of Allah.”

Maimonides, the great Middle Ages Jewish sage, said that “the Ishmaelites are not idolaters. [And yet] the Torah has said about them that ‘their mouths speak lies, and their right hand deceives’ [Ps. 144:8] … but as far as the exalted One God, they do not err in any way.”

The Koran, which Muslims believe is the word of...

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