The Next Planned EU/UN Punch to Israel’s Face

Troubling reports reveal unmistakable collaboration between local and foreign entities and Israel’s Arab foes

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That Europe is heavily involved in what I have previously called “the dead Jew industry” should by now be beyond doubt. But in case some still don’t get it, I would refer them to the EU‘s financial support of unrepentant terrorist Marwan Barghouti, who was convicted of 26 murders and attempted murders, for which he was sent to jail for five life sentences, plus an additional 40 years for membership in a terrorist organization. 

Holland and the EU, among others, hope that this convicted killer will replace Mahmoud Abbas as head of the Palestinian government. If that ever happens, Barghouti, who has already outlined his strategic plans for the future, would join forces with Hamas to resume the “armed struggle” against Israel.

A recent report by NGO Monitor, an Israeli organization that monitors the activity of the supporters of the dead Jew Industry, reveals once again how Europe is fanning the flame that will one day force Israel out of the so-called “West Bank,” creating a new “Gaza” in the very heart of Israel.

NGO Monitor has shown that the EU contributed to the radical left-wing Israeli NGO Yesh Din some €269,975 for the pursuit of its new project of investigating the Israeli army’s forcible entries into Palestinian homes. Knowing on which string to harp, Yesh Din is particularly interested in the effects these forced home entries (FHE) have on women and children. Gender sensitivity goes a long way nowadays, especially when it pertains to Palestinian women.

More specifically, in a grant proposal submitted to the UN, Yesh Din outlines its future objectives, the investigation of already assumed criminal offences routinely committed by Israeli soldiers during these forced home entries. The lack of true criminal investigations into these alleged crimes, so goes the logic, proves that there must be a “culture of impunity within Israel’s security forces personnel.” Such an opportunity to throw another punch at Israel’s face is not going to be missed, especially not by the EU and the UN.

However, just as these radical NGOs won’t tell you the reasons for the checkpoints, Yesh Din likewise won’t acknowledge the justification behind those forced home entries. For their part, neither the EU nor the UN care to ask. Nevertheless, FHE is the practice of any security force around the globe that enters with considerable force into home of possibly dangerous individuals who are suspected of being involved in terrorism. More often than not, FHE takes places in the middle of the night, regardless of the identity of the uninvolved occupants of the targeted home. In Israel, as in any other country, FHE is carried out according to intelligence that locates the place where a suspect could be found in order to capture him or her for further investigation.

By nature, therefore, FHE is sensitive, since it is life-risking for the soldiers who enter into close quarters where uninvolved family members are being fully exposed to the brute force of such an operation. There should be little wonder that NGOs find the FHE a treasure trove of human rights violations. It is the nature of such operations that would send women to complain of foul play. Focusing on FHE, therefore, guarantees the desired results – the blaming of Israel for systematic violations of human rights.

Back in 2106, Ehud Yaari, in my opinion the most trusted Israeli journalist covering the conflict, told anyone willing to listen that the Palestinian Authority, realizing that its quest for statehood was going nowhere, decided to shift its current emphasis to the more lucrative human rights issue. This demonstrates the cunning of the Palestinians. It also shows that, in effect, NGOs like Yesh Din are clearly collaborating with the Palestinian Authority in its objective to ruin Israel.

PHOTO: IDF soldiers raid the home of a suspected terrorist in Hebron. (Wisam Hashlamoun/Flash90)


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