MembersThe Palestinian Authority Might Be Out of a Job

US President Donald Trump isn’t one to continue engaging in aimless negotiations with unwilling partners.

By Ryan Jones |
Photo: Amos Ben Gershom/GPO

For the Middle East peace process, that’s a breath of fresh air after decades of pouring resources and political capital into an undertaking that, after 20-plus years, has failed to bear any significant fruit.

But, it’s bad news for the Palestinian Authority. Trump is the first major Western power-broker to not only identify the Palestinian leadership as the primary obstacle to peace, but to actually act on that determination. Once again, this is owed to the fact that, unlike his predecessors, Trump’s not a politician. He’s a businessman. While a politician will tiptoe around an identifiable problem so as not to upset delicate diplomatic proceedings, a businessman trying to close a deal will ruthlessly cut out any clause or party preventing the desired outcome. Evidence suggests that’s what Trump might soon do to the Palestinian Authority.

By now, most are familiar with the widening rift between the Trump Administration and the Palestinian Authority. Proverbial maledictions (like wishing for Trump’s house to collapse) and derisive Twitter diatribes have replaced direct bilateral talks as the diplomatic language...

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