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With events riveting us on Russia-Ukraine, we Israel-watchers should be careful not take our eyes off the lessons learned, and being deployed even now, by the enemies of the Jewish state.

The Palestinian Playbook was written by the former USSR, and is now being employed by Russia in its war with Ukraine. Photo: Hassan Jedi/Flash90

Headline: Palestinians decry world’s ‘double standards’ on Russia-Ukraine war. (The Jerusalem Post, March 5, 2022).

It is a term we are hearing used quite a lot, suddenly: What Russian President Vladimir Putin is doing comes “straight out of the Soviet playbook.”

The latest display followed the Russian Defense Ministry’s claim on March 6 that it had evidence Ukraine and the United States had collaborated to develop biological weapons.

Major General Igor Konashenkov made the assertion, which was widely reported in Russia. He alleged that pathogens for deadly diseases to be used for biological warfare were being created in Ukrainian laboratories with US Department of Defense funding.

Washington dismissed the claim as “laughable.” Initially. But then apprehension seems to have taken hold. Within hours, the White House was warning that this was likely a Putin ploy in readiness for Russia to unleash chemical weapons on Ukraine. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson then voiced his trepidation.

“I’ll make you one other prediction by the way; which...

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