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Israel has always been a prime location for subversive foreign funds. Leading the pack is the New Israel Fund (NIF) that was founded in the US in 1978, only a year after Menachem Begin and the Israeli Right won a national election for the first time.

By Oria Amrani |
Photo: Flash 90

This American organization knew that by the time Israelis woke up to what it was really doing, trying to turn Israel into a progressive non-Jewish state, it would be too late to do anything about it

The NIF supports a mosaic of local organizations, hundreds of them, in fact. Each operates in a specific niche, and it is through these local bodies that the NIF can inject its radical agenda into the fabric of Israeli society. And, as has been made clear on numerous occasions, the agenda of the NIF is establishing in Israel the vision of an “open society” that is today championed by the likes of George Soros. But, it is only upon the ruins of Judaism that such a thing can be built.

For almost 40 years now, the NIF has worked in conniving and sophisticated ways to insert its agents into the most important Israeli institutions. Early on, the NIF realized that the legal arena is where modern Jewish identity would be shaped. To influence the legal system, the NIF created a special fund that provides...

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