The Wedding Ring that Came Full Circle

When a bereaved widow of a terror victim lost her wedding ring, it was returned by the most unlikely of people

By Israel Today Staff |
Photo: Kobi Helfgott/National Parks Authority

When Yael Shevach lost the wedding ring, she was beside herself. It was the most important memory she had of her husband who was murdered in a terror attack.

Her husband, Rabbi Raziel Shevach, was killed on January 9, 2018 in a drive-by terrorist shooting on the road near their home in the Samarian settlement of Havat Gilad. He had also left behind six children.

As the years went by, Yael could not bring herself to remove the ring, Ynet reported. Then, on Friday, just before the Shabbat, while visiting a freshwater spring in the Judean Desert, the precious keepsake slipped off her hand into the deep cold waters and was lost.

Yael and her friends searched for hours without success of recovering the cherished ring. Shabbat was near and they had to leave downtrodden.

In tears, Yael posted online an emotional expression of her grief at the loss and the painful memories it stirred of losing her beloved husband and father of their children. Many people who were familiar with the family’s tragedy commented on her post expressing their sympathy for the grieving mother. The story spread and eventually reached the staff of the Israel Nature and Parks Authority that manages the Ein Ma’abu spring where the ring went down.

Many tried to find it, but one stubborn employee, a Palestinian, refused to give up the search. Eid Najum, a Palestinian from Jericho who works for the National Parks Authority said, “We began the search as early as Friday, but we couldn’t find it. Yesterday (Shabbat) morning I went in the water again, searched and then found the ring in the pool.”

Eid Najum comes to Yael’s rescue by searching tirelessly for her precious ring.

“I went through the whole Sabbath shaking,” Yael said. “This was the first time the ring had ever been off my finger. On Saturday night I got a message from Kobi (director of the park site) who texted me that he wanted to talk and that he had good news. Turns out he had been looking for me since the morning. But it’s Sabbath,” Yael said. “I’ve been going through some kind of process. And the ring came back to me. I’m very excited,” she said after receiving the news. “There was a message here.”


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