MembersThere is Neither Pervert Nor Straight

Contemporary society demands serious religious discussion regarding same-sex relationships.

By Tsvi Sadan |
Photo: Screenshot YouTube

Gone are the days when being gay was a crime. And backlash against those who properly deal with this issue has caused many Christians to simply adopt the secular position, which views almost any form of consensual sex as legitimate.


One of the more prominent manifestations of this trend is found in the outgoing Archbishop of Wales, who has argued that the Bible actually supports same-sex marriage.


The debate has now reached the religious Jewish communities in Israel. Like their Christian counterparts, religious Jews tried their best to avoid the topic, only to see it blow up in their faces when members of their communities openly participated in the last “gay pride” parade in Jerusalem.


The black-and-white rabbinical position on homosexuality was challenged recently by Yoav Sorek, whose article “There Are No Perverts, There Are No Straights” appeared in the religious weekly Makor Rishon. Rather than spark an uproar, Sorek’s article was welcomed as an important...

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