Members‘There is nothing to eat in this house!’

There are sayings in life that always cause me to act or react. One of them is, “There’s never anything to eat in this house.”

Photo: Israel Today

Hearing this sentence drives me mad! How is it possible to say this when we ate a meal an hour ago?


Then I start feeling guilty and open the refrigerator to check if there really is no food. I go through a checklist: What did I recently buy, what meals did I last prepare?


The uncertainty grows. Maybe they really are hungry and there isn’t enough food? The next thing I know, I am putting a pot on the stove.


Once the food is ready and consumed, barely an hour passes before I hear that abrasive cry, “There is never anything to eat in this house!”


A few years ago, I was a mother of four teenagers. They went to school,

returned home and ate; did homework and ate; had friends over, watched TV and ate.


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