They Ask Who We Are For, Trump or Biden, and We Say “No”

Our concerns rest with Israel, and what Israelis have to say

By Israel Today Staff | | Topics: Trump, Biden
Photo: Flash90

The title, which is a take on Joshua 5:13, is Israel Today’s response to some of our readers who got upset with articles and columns covering Israeli attitudes toward the US election. Some were angry enough to suggest that we had engaged in Goebbels-like propaganda, that we were “pushing the narrative of evil.”

George Orwell said that “the people will believe what the media tells them they believe.” In Israel there’s a particular publication whose slogan is “a newspaper for thinking people.” As if to prove Orwell right, the publication’s avid thinking readers vehemently defend everything printed in this left-wing newspaper.

Today’s media has become a full-blown political player, and as such, faith in the media is having two dire effects:

  1. It has contributed to dividing Americans into two nearly-irreconcilable camps;
  2. It has sent millions to seek refuge in one-sided, agenda-driven media outlets.

Israel Today wants none of that. We won’t take part in this destructive dynamic in which everybody loses.

At the same time, we don’t pretend to be free of bias. On the contrary, we have never hidden our belief that the State of Israel is not a colonial project, but a Bible-backed Zionist one. And as should be expected, this belief colors our coverage. This, however, does not give us license to manipulate our readers through misinformation and lies, what is today called “fake news.”

Israel Today has stated time and again that our mission is to cover Israel, not the world. Our concerns rest with Israel, and what Israelis have to say about what’s happening here, as well as things happening abroad that affect Israel, which of course includes the US presidential election.

Going back to the title, what this means is that as an Israeli organ, Israel Today says “No” to those who want us to side with either of the rival American political camps. As we say here in Israel, we don’t need to embrace other people’s problems, we have enough of our own.

It simply is not our job to vouch for Trump, Biden or any other candidate. Nor do we pretend to know who is “God’s chosen candidate.” The best we can say is that Trump was seen by Israelis as the most pro-Israel president ever, and that we hope Biden, if indeed he becomes the next president, will follow that example.

The bottom line is that we hope you will continue to trust that our news, opinions and backgrounders are honest efforts to present you with what’s really going on in Israel.

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