Thousands of Pelicans Stop to Visit Israel

The annual spectacle should not be missed by anyone in the Land during this time of year

By Eliane Müller | | Topics: Nature
Photo: Nati Shohat/Flash90

The residents of northern Israel are lucky. They get to witness this every year, without having to travel anywhere.

Last week, thousands of white pelicans descended on the Hula Valley just north of the Sea of Galilee for a pit stop en route to Africa.

The Israel Parks and Nature Authority posted a video showing one flock of pelicans land in nature reserve’s lush, damp valley.

The birds are on their way from Europe to Africa to escape the coming winter. Israel’s location between three continents and the diversity of climate that exists here – from a cool mountainous region in the north to a dry and hot desert in the south – make the Jewish state a popular stopover for migratory birds. Every year, more than 500 million birds of 550 different species come to Israel en route to their winter quarters.

They land in various parts of the country, but by far the favorite place for these birds is the Hula Valley, which has plenty of water and food to fuel them for the next leg of their journey. As such, the area, situated north of the Sea of Galilee and just below the Golan Heights, has become very popular with bird-watchers and ornithologists from around the world.

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