MembersTo What extent Must Israel Fight Like Its enemies?

Western civilization, built upon a foundation of JudeoChristian morals, prides itself on being better than its enemies.

By Ryan Jones |
Photo: Flash90

When it comes to warfare, that characteristic manifests not only as more ethical behavior on the battlefield, but also as harsh scrutiny and self-criticism when things don’t go by the book, so to speak. But such rigid adherence to a particular definition of morality can often hinder a nation at war, increasing the suffering of its own people. And that is itself a kind of prideful immorality, when a nation cares more about its image than protecting its citizens.

srael has slowly begun to realize that some situations dictate adopting the methods of its enemies, in particular the Palestinian terror groups that relentlessly harangue the Jewish state. Understanding in this regard has long been hampered by the fact that Israel, and especially the Israeli army, is under a media microscope that is unlike anything with which any other nation must contend. Of course, many in the media are determined to criticize Israel no matter how morally it behaves. So, as many argue, better to just get the job done if they’re going to smear us anyway. This can be...

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