MembersTragic Beginnings – Part II

Through the newness of the Spirit, Who initially inspired the Hebrew Scriptures, we can approach the records with excitement and discover ever new aspects.

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Photo: Nati Shohat/Flash90

Original man’s delegated authority was such, that the unity of his being was fully protected. Any choice made involved all his powers and gifts. Here was a being who, like God – in whose image he was created – functioned in absolute harmony. In order for any part of this perfect whole to act independently, the unity of man’s being had to be broken. Only a serious interference from the outside, capable of enlisting man’s own cooperation, could disrupt the wholeness.

Scripture tells us that rebellion against God had taken place in God’s very abode. A created being of very high order had deliberately chosen to set himself up against God. By his blatantly inflated deceptive self, presented in the guise of beauty, wisdom and kindness, he succeeded in attracting the attention of the original couple. First Eve, then Adam, yielded to his lies. With man’s permission, the Enemy of God had caused a rift in the protective covering of God’s light and power emanating from man.

It was far more than an act of disobedience...

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