MembersTrue Confessions of a Messianic Jew

After forty years of ministry, I have some serious questions about the relationship between Messianic Judaism and Christianity, and where we need to go from here

David and Michaella Lazarus lead a Messianic Jewish Passover Seder.
David and Michaella Lazarus lead a Messianic Jewish Passover Seder.

They told me I am special. That they have never seen anything like it. A Jew who follows Jesus. Unheard of. Prophetic. Extraordinary.

And I believed.

Back then there weren’t that many of us, and when Christians heard that Jews were coming to faith in Jesus, they got excited, really excited, Kingdom Come excited.

God is fulfilling prophecy! Redemption is nigh! ”Their [Jews] acceptance [of Jesus] will be life from the dead!” (Rom. 11:15) they shouted from the pulpits.

I got excited too.

The Christian support was massive, exhilarating. “You are the key to world redemption,” we were told, and we believed it. “Jews and Gentiles in one Body, it will heal ancient divisions. Unite the Church. The missing link has arrived. Revival is coming. Authentic faith restored!”

Heady stuff. With biblical texts to support. So onward, and upward, we stretched our wings, believing, best we could, and took off around the world to hundreds of churches, nay thousands, to Christians who wanted reconciliation, with us, with Jews, with Israel.

Teach us, they said,...

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