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Israel’s first Messianic television station takes issue with our earlier criticism of its launch

By Ron Cantor | | Topics: MESSIANIC JEWS

An earlier Israel Today article was critical of how a new Messianic television channel was launched in Israel. After that channel’s leadership voiced displeasure with our article, we gave them a chance to respond. This article is that response, by Shelanu TV director Ron Cantor.

Israel Today reached out to me recently with several questions regarding our new Hebrew language cable channel that broadcasts the message of Yeshua—Shelanu. I sent them more information than I gave to other journalists, knowing that it is a Messianic-run site. I was surprised when that article never came out, but instead, they published an article against the channel, and ignored all the information I sent them.

The photo Israel Today used to illustrate their article, seemed to mock the Shelanu channel, with two well-dressed foreigners walking in Jerusalem, holding a sign that reads, “Repent Israel, Jesus is coming.” This gave the false impression that Shelanu is run by foreign missionaries who are...

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