“Trump is a Dog” – Palestinian President Responds to Deal of the Century

Abbas goes on to call for third intifada to thwart peace plan endorsed by other Arabs

By Ryan Jones | | Topics: Trump, Abbas
PA leader Abbas really hates Trump.
Photo: Ali Ahmed/Flash90

Never one for eloquence, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas’ first public reaction to the publication of the “deal of the century” was to personally insult US President Donald Trump in the most unflattering of terms.

Officials with Abbas’ own Fatah party confirmed to Israeli media that the Palestinian leader responded to the new peace proposal by exclaiming, “Trump is a dog and the son of a dog!”

Abbas added that just before the plan’s publication, “They called me from Washington and I did not pick up the phone. I said no and I will continue to say no.”

In Arabic, calling someone a dog is one of the most severe insults one can dish out, and if done so in person will often lead to physical violence. Adding “son of a dog” expands the insult to include the scorned person’s family.

In other words, rather than address a serious international diplomatic initiative endorsed by many Arab states with some degree of decorum, the head of the Palestinian Authority resorted to vulgar trash-talk.

But he went further than that. 

After slandering Trump, Abbas effectively called for a third intifada, or terrorist uprising, against Israel.

“Resistance must be escalated at all points of friction. All young people must be encouraged,” said Abbas, referring to the kind of dangerous incitement of young Palestinian Arabs that Israel has long said is a serious obstacle to peace. 

Needless to say, the White House was unimpressed.

Trump’s son-in-law and the primary author of the “deal of the century,” Jared Kushner, told Al Jazeera that it’s time for the Palestinians to stop living a fiction. 

“It’s time to let go of past fairy tales that quite frankly will never happen,” said Kushner. “If they have expectations that are not realistic then I feel bad for them. They’ve been lied to by their leadership and they’ve been lied to by a lot of people and they’ve been used as pawns in the Middle East.”

For his part, Abbas vowed to cling fast to his fairy tales, despite what that might mean for his people.

“I was told I’ll pay a heavy price for my foolish behavior,” he told fellow Palestinians. “I do not have much longer to live and I will not go down as a traitor. It’s either dying like martyrs or flying the Palestinian flag on the walls of Jerusalem.”


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