MembersUpdate: Are Russia and China the New Gog and Magog?

New developments reinforce the feeling that we are witnessing the realignment of global forces foretold by our prophets


Just last week I wondered if the growing alliance between Russia and China represents a new “axis of evil” forming in the North and signs of a new Gog and Magog scenario.

Since then, in recent days, a number of events have only contributed to what looks like the arrival of a New World Order in the North aligning with the East.


The new sheriffs in town

When China’s Foreign Minister Wang Yi last week called Russia his country’s “most important strategic partner”and “one of the most crucial bilateral relationships in the world,” he understood that now is the time China and Russia have been waiting for. They now feel confident enough to begin flexing their muscles and inch forward in a move to exert their dominance in this part of the world.

Concerning the Russian invasion...

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