Update on Jewish Evangelist

Israeli evangelist is well known to both our English and German-speaking readers

By Israel Today Staff | | Topics: MESSIANIC JEWS

The following is an update received from Yaacov Damkani’s wife, Elisheva:

Well over three decades ago, Yaacov Damkani led a group of nondescript Jewish young men into a hot day in Jaffa to tell the local Israelis that they had found the Messiah. Armed with the evidence they had discovered in the Hebrew Bible, they set out with homemade tracts in their shoulder bags knowing this would not be an easy task, and that the opposition would be fierce. Reassuring one another and praying for boldness, they were determined to let the people of Israel know that Yeshua HaMashiach (Jesus Christ) is the promised Messiah.

Some forty years later, Yaacov finds himself confined to a wheelchair after suffering a major heart disease. Unable to speak or walk, he casts a lonely figure, as of one imprisoned in this “wretched body.” His stubborn resolve, however, remains and still shines through his face and his eyes. He is a strong man in very many ways.

The hand of God was definitely on this man and we thank and praise the Lord for his obedience to the calling, his strength of character, and his pioneering, can-do attitude. Yaacov’s evangelism was not a ministry per se, for him it was a way of life.

Two years ago, Yaacov said referring to the people of Israel, “We no longer need to bring to their awareness who we are. They know who we are (referring to Jews who believe in Jesus).”  

Although Yaacov is unable to speak, we are doing what we can to bring the gospel to the individuals and many friends we have made throughout the years. We are moving ahead with a purpose, and finding where the seeds we have planted have taken root and nurturing each individual sprout in the hope of fruit. Nonetheless, we continue to sow as we are able.

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