VIDEO: Iran Wants to Destroy Israel, But It Can’t Even Break a Vase

Video clip of Iranian special forces struggling to break a ceramic vase prompts wave of regional mockery

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In the spirit of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's recent trolling of belligerent Iranian leaders, we're sharing the above video of Iran's military forces, so dedicated as they are to Israel's destruction, demonstrating their combat prowess.

The clip is from a military parade in Iran back in 2016. The soldiers are members of Iranian special forces who are attempting to demonstrate martial combat skills by breaking a ceramic vase.

At the time it was originally posted, the clip eliciting mocking responses from across the region, in particular in Arab states at odds with the Islamic Republic.

"That vase is indestructible and is now in Iran's hands. Should we be worried?" one commenter facetiously wondered.

"It's really no joke," quipped another. "I remember our platoon almost got ambushed by a group of vases while in Afghanistan. We were lucky to have made it out alive."

The clip was brought back into the spotlight on Wednesday by Israeli Messianic social media star Hananya Naftali, again prompting humorous reactions, like one who wondered if the vase had been "made in Israel."

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