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At the Crossroads of Jewish and Christian History

An in-depth exploration of “Magdala by the Sea” with an expert Israeli guide

by Israel Today Staff

Magdala by the Sea

Introducing… Interactive Virtual tours around Israel over Zoom.

Missed our first stop at one of the most exciting discoveries in the area in recent years? Watch a recording of the Member’s Event below and join us for …

  • a surprising window into the scene of Jesus’ miraculous ministry.
  • a lost city recently re-discovered near Capernaum.
  • a surprising role for women in the New Testament.
  • a city on Jesus’ preaching “circuit” and the home of one of the disciples.

We will…

  • “walk” through the archeological park,
  • visit the synagogue,
  • examine the mysterious Magdala Stone, and also
  • take a peek at faith-inspiring, breath-taking artwork in the worship center – named after Jesus’ words “Launch into the deep” (Luke 5:4).

Come Visit the Shores of the Sea of Galilee.

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