MembersVoting Right, Getting Left

While Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s government is considered “right-wing,” it nevertheless faces a lot of criticism from voters on the Right.

By Aviel Schneider |
MIXED MESSAGES: Israel proclaims a united Jerusalem under Jewish sovereignty but it succumbs time and again to international pressure Photo: Yonatan Sindler/Flash90

“The current government is one of the most right-wing in the history of the State of Israel,” says former longtime Knesset (parliament) member Aryeh Eldad. “Yet it has decided to limit construction in Jewish settlements and refrain from developing them. These are policies expected from left-wing parties.”


What’s worse, in the eyes of Netanyahu’s right-wing critics, is that he’s imposing restrictions on Jewish settlement activity even with a sympathetic US president in the White House. They believe Netanyahu is wasting a golden opportunity, and that his behavior betrays the fact that he’s more driven by personal ambition than ideological principles. As some Israeli politicians see it, power is the most important thing to Netanyahu and he has no problem making political compromises to maintain it.


It’s no wonder that left-wing publications like the daily Haaretz run headlines reading, “The Vision of the Last Rightists” (Chazon Achra’it Ha’Yamin), a Hebrew wordplay on the more familiar Chazon Achra’it Ha’Yamim, meaning the apocalyptic...

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