Saudi Journalist Abused at Jerusalem’s Temple Mount

Palestinian treatment of Saudi visitor demonstrates that hatred of Israel takes precedence above all

By Israel Today Staff | | Topics: palestinians
Illustration. Photo: Noam Moskowitz/Flash90

A group of Arab journalists arrived from Jordan across the Allenby Bridge to tour the country and meet with members of the Israeli government and local academics.

The group includes, for the first time ever, journalists from Saudi Arabia and Iraq. This comes just a month after six Israeli journalists were invited to the Persian Gulf to take part in the US-sponsored peace initiative in Bahrain. 

These visits come in the wake of growing normalization between Israel and several Arab countries in the region.

Look what happens when the Saudi journalist goes up to visit Jerusalem’s Temple Mount. A crowd gathers around to harass the Saudi Arab who has come to pray at the mosque. The adults spur on a Palestinian boy, who looks to be about 9- or 10-years-old, to keep spitting in the Saudi’s face – the single most degrading insult in Arab culture. 

Notice the Saudi control himself throughout the ordeal, and though he is clearly disgusted with the Palestinian’s behavior, he manages to walk away preserving his calm dignity.

“For these extremists, there is no respect for God and the holy place, no respect for humans. For them, the hatred of Israel is stronger than anything else,” says Yoseph Haddad, a Christian Arab from Nazareth who supports Israel and posted this video on his Facebook page. See Israel Today’s exclusive interview with Haddad. 

Here is a translation of some of the curses fired at the Saudi Arab as he walks to the mosque to pray. 

You low life. Let the Jews protect you. Get out of here! You cheap rubbish. Go let Saudi normalize (with Israel). Look at the face of a decadent. Palestinian children spit in your face you a-hole. Here’s a germ for your face you a-hole. You filthy germ. Go back to Saudi. Get out of here. Go ahead and let Trump sell you out. Go pray with the Jews in the synagogue. Get out of here!

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