WATCH: Gaza Rockets Intercepted Over the Heads of Israeli Concert-Goers

Viral video clips demonstrate the PTSD-inducing reality that the residents of southern Israel endure

By Israel Today Staff | | Topics: Hamas, Gaza
Photo: Edy Israel/Flash90

Terrorists operating out of the Gaza Strip fired three rockets into southern Israel on Sunday evening. Two were intercepted.

The rocket fire was captured on video like never before because the attack interrupted an outdoor concert in the border town of Sderot, and several concert-goers filmed the harrowing incident on their mobile phones.

That included the moment that Israel’s Iron Dome anti-missile shield intercepted one of the Gaza rockets directly over the concert stage.

This is the PTSD-inducing reality with which the residents of southern Israel are forced to live.

It’s true that the residents of the Gaza Strip face even worse when Israel retaliates for these rocket attacks. But it is important to remember two important facts that are often glossed over by the international media:

  1. Israel’s retaliatory strikes are carried out with great precision against terrorist targets, while the rockets fired from Gaza are purposefully aimed at civilian population centers. It is true that civilian population centers in Gaza are often hit by the Israeli strikes, but that is due to the fact that Hamas and its terrorist allies choose to launch their attacks from behind human shields;
  2. The Israeli counter-strikes wouldn’t be happening at all if Hamas and its terrorist allies weren’t attacking Israel. The Israeli air strikes, while more deadly, are always preceded by terrorist rocket attacks.

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