Waters of Biblical Desert Pool Turn Blood Red

Strange phenomenon has both Jews and Muslims looking to divine plagues, as well as more contemporary conspiracies

By Israel Today Staff |

Israeli and Jordanian media were abuzz this week after a pool of water near the Dead Sea turned red, despite normally being clear.

The pool is located on the Jordanian side of the border in the biblical region of Moab. Jordanian water officials attributed it to either a particular algae that secretes a pink fluid, or the introduction of iron oxide.

Of course, water turning red is seen in both Judaism and Islam as a sign of divine punishment through plagues, and there was no shortage of people suggesting such a cause in this instance.

Traditional Jewish sources have long taught that the 10 plagues God used to smite ancient Egypt will make a reappearance just prior to the Messianic redemption.

Many Jordanians also took a more cynical viewpoint, accusing their government of covering up some mystery source of pollution.

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