Help Secure the Future of the Jewish State

Politicians continue making deals with our Land, but if we plant as mandated in the Bible, we can keep it in Jewish hands!

By Israel Today Staff | | Topics: plant a tree

We are thrilled to report that we are continuing to plant even more olive trees in Israel!

You know why? Cause we are the only ones doing it! The farmers from the south of Israel came to us and asked if we could help plant more trees because the demand is so great. In hard times like these farmers are dependent on each other and by helping plant olive trees in the desert we are helping the chosen people of God and the Beautiful Land of Israel.

The Promised Land belongs to the Jewish people, but politicians still look for deals to divide the Land. Now is the time to ensure that not one inch of Israel including the precious desert lands that we are now cultivating are lost! So let’s plant as many trees as possible and make sure the Land stays where it belongs–with the Jewish people who are once again making it bloom!


Every olive tree we plant for you has a name and an address. It is yours. Everyone is welcome to participate in the planting and get rooted in the Holy Land. You will also be first in line to buy the olive oil that will be produced from these groves. This benefits the Israeli economy, the country’s good name and those of our readers who will be able to enjoy the finest Israeli olive oil.

Plant an olive tree in Israel in your name!


Plant an olive tree
Photo: Israel Today

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