MembersWhat About the Iranian Occupation?

In late September, four men opened fire in the city of Ahvaz during an Iranian military parade marking the 38th anniversary of the beginning of the Iran-Iraq war.

By Edy Cohen |
Photo: Hadas Parush/Flash90

A reported 30 people were killed in the attack, and dozens more were wounded, most of them from the Iranian Revolutionary Guards.

The Islamic State (ISIS) and Ahvaz’s National Resistance claimed responsibility for the attack, but the Iranian regime also accused the United States, Israel, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates of involvement.

The attack did not surprise anyone, since that part of Iran is burning and has for many months experienced a “quiet intifada” against the regime, though media coverage has been tightly controlled. Most of the leaks have come from resistance activists in Ahvaz. There have been numerous disturbances, demonstrations, and even attacks on police officers.

Ahvaz is a city in southwestern Iran, and capital of the Khuzestan province. At the beginning of the 20th century, most of Khuzestan’s population were Arabs. The governor of the city was Khazal al-Ka’abi of the tribe of Bani Ka’ab, who wanted to rule Iraq and annex the city of Ahvaz. But the British were afraid of its power, and gave its oil-rich territory to the Iranians to protect their own...

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