MembersWhat Caused the Ten Tribes To Be Lost?

What can we learn from biblical history to better understand today’s politics?

By Aviel Schneider & Avshalom Kapach | | Topics: 12 TRIBES, Bible
Photo: Olivier Fitoussi/Flash90

Ten of Israel’s tribes have been lost. The backdrop to this tragedy says a lot about the harmony among the people of Israel, both in a political and spiritual sense. What was the trigger for this split? Was it the usual threats in the Middle East, like those faced today? Why didn’t the Kingdom of Judah in the south stand by its siblings in the north? What can we learn from biblical history to better understand the political present? How does one compare the two kingdoms of the people of Israel at that time to the divided society in the Land today? Do the modern cities of Jerusalem and Tel Aviv symbolize the opposing poles in the people of Israel, as they did at the time of the kingdoms? We are after all dealing with two different periods of time and systems of government. Though human nature tends not to change.

After Solomon’s death, the people came to Shechem for the coronation of their new king, Rehoboam. They asked for relief from the hard labor imposed by his...

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