What Does the Israeli Election Look Like From Mars? Yonatan Sindel/Flash90

What Does the Israeli Election Look Like From Mars?

Things look different when we have a heavenly vision


Like many of you, I too was riveted watching that spacecraft land on Mars last week. “What it would be like to stand on the red planet millions of miles from home and contemplate life here on earth?” I found myself imagining.

But alas, a new week has unfolded back here on earth and with just three weeks until another Israeli election the airwaves are crammed with same earthly political spin that now appears to be as unavoidable as the gravitational pull of the planets.

Candidates are flattering themselves as though they are the stars and point out how they will miraculously protect our nation, show us the way, and heal our divisions, while in the next breath the only thing they point out is how horrible the other side is.

Gazing down (or is it up?) I wondered why it is we find it so difficult to turn our attention to the real needs in our nation. Why are we not talking about honest solutions to our defense needs, overcrowded schools, hospitals and highways? Can’t we see that while...


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