What Occupation? Most Israelis Say This Land is Ours

Survey shows dramatic decrease in number of Israelis who think Judea and Samaria are ‘occupied’

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A growing majority of Israelis no longer sees the presence of Jews or the Israeli military in the so-called "West Bank" as an occupation.

Many do see it as a fulfillment of biblical prophecy.

That wasn't what the researchers behind a recent survey hoped to find.

Under the banner "Save Israel. Stop the Occupation," Tel Aviv University professors Dr. Nimrod Rosler and Daniel Bar-Tal set out to reveal what most Israelis think about the biblical heartlands of Judea and Samaria and the Jewish settlements there.

According to the survey, as reported by Israel National News, a mere 30 percent of Israelis today view this as "occupation."

That is down from 51 percent who said in 2004 that Israel was occupying the West Bank.

The drop in the number of Israelis who see the situation in Judea and Samaria as an occupation has corresponded to a drastic reduction in those who support the land-for-peace process leading to a "two state solution."

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