What Would Yeshua Do at the Checkpoint?

Tell us what you think Yeshua would say and do faced with Israeli checkpoints today…

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Today begins the 4th biannual Christ at the Checkpoint, a conference that exists to challenge Christian Zionism and its underlying premise that the modern rebirth of Israel is a divinely-ordained fulfillment of prophecy.

Playing on the sensitivities of a socially-active generation of Christians, the conference organizers make gratuitous use of images of the Israeli security barrier, asking the question: “What would Christ say and do if he were to stand in front of a checkpoint today?”

It’s an interesting question, and we’d like to hear what you, our readers, have to say.

Send your response to the above question by the end of this week (March 11) and we’ll publish a selection of the best replies next week.

Click here to contact us with your response. Use the Subject “What would Yeshua do?”

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