MembersWhen Colleagues Smear Each Other Nobody Wins

When right-wing media attacks their right-wing colleagues, the left-wing wins out

By Aviel Schneider |
Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett (r) with Interior Minister Ayelet Shaked Photo: Photo by Yonatan Sindel/Flash90

Talking badly about their colleagues has become a popular sport in Israeli politics. Rumors are spread, stories are told, and negative opinions are conveyed. Others choose a more direct route and simply smear the other in their presence. All these forms of negativity have but one purpose: put the other down, rob them of their self-confidence and in the end benefit from it themselves. This phenomenon can be observed particularly in the right-wing camp of Israeli politics.

In Israel, the left and the right are not best of friends. Criticizing one another is par for the course. Reports in the leftwing media which make up Israel’s mainstream generally criticize the right-wingers; this is despite the fact that the majority of the Israeli population is center to right.


Who criticizes the right-wing settlers more than the left-wing media?

In one of his recent columns, popular television commentator Amit Segal asked which radio station attacks Jewish settlers more than any other radio station: Army Radio (Galei Zahal), Kan Beit or the Arab radio station Nas? All three radio...

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