MembersWhen the Heart Cries

We are happy to introduce a new series dealing with Hebrew songs that are about or include reference to God.

By Anat Schneider |
Photo: Flash 90

There is certainly no shortage of songs in Israel in which one can find God, both openly and by reading between the lines. Both religious and non-religious Jewish singers deal with the topic of the divine on a regular basis.

The topic of God is in Israel the foundation for faith, love, discussion, debate and, of course, dialogue between the religious and non-religious. And this naturally extends into music. At all times one is aware of the subject of God among the Jewish people. Everybody feels that God is there first and foremost for him/her, and can therefore write about Him, talk to Him, complain, argue with and pray to Him.

It is always exciting to see how deeply rooted God is in the...

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