Who Was Crucified at Golgotha? Creative Commons

Who Was Crucified at Golgotha?

Christian theological documents representing most historic churches commonly declare that “God was crucified” or that “God died on the cross.”

Since the early centuries AD until modern times, orthodox teachers have promoted the notion that “God’s crucifixion” took place at a site called “the Skull,” also known as Calvary or Golgotha.   In fact, both Catholics and Protestants adopt and reaffirm the phraseology of a “Crucified God.” However, when the word “God” is mentioned in this context, the following questions must be raised: Was our “Father in Heaven” also crucified? And, was the Father of the Lord Yeshua (Jesus) walking and acting upon planet earth?   Unlike the expressions found in established doctrines and creeds, the New Testament employs a…