Why are Google and Facebook Censoring Pro-Israel Arab Voices?

Israeli Arab Christian advocate kicked off Instagram, has videos age-restricted on YouTube

By Israel Today Staff | | Topics: CHRISTIANS, Israeli Arabs
Photo: Courtesy Yoseph Haddad

It doesn’t fit the narrative. Arab Christians living in Israel are supposed to hate their Jewish “oppressors.” So when one stands up and tells the truth – that Jews and Christians coexist, and even work together to defend Israel – the anti-Israel mobs will do all in their power to silence such voices.

Unfortunately, social media giants like Facebook and YouTube more often than not bow to the pressure of the anti-Israel movements.

That was the experience of Yoseph Haddad last month. Haddad is an Israeli Christian proud of his service in the IDF and who encourages other young local Arabs to likewise serve their nation and integrate with the Jewish state. He also does his best via social media to tell the world the truth about life on the ground in Israel, which is very different from the “apartheid” picture painted by the likes of Amnesty International and other hostile elements.

And he’s having an impact.

For instance, Haddad has for the past few years hosted a live online event on International Holocaust Remembrance Day in Arabic. For the past two years, hundreds of people have attended, including citizens of neighboring states that are still officially at war with Israel, such as Lebanon and Syria.

But that does’t sit well with the anti-Israel, pro-Palestinian crowd.

In early February he received a notice from YouTube that his channel would be age restricted, meaning his videos would show up far less frequently in searches conducted on the site. YouTube is the world’s second largest search engine behind Google itself.

“A war is being waged against me online by all kinds of haters of Israel. They have been able to block and remove my Instagram account several times in the past. Now, because of reports against my YouTube videos, they have decided to restrict viewing to those aged 18 and over, as if it is dangerous for young people in the world to watch evidence that Israel is not apartheid,” Haddad told Arutz 7. “But that won’t stop me.”

Israel Today has reported on the actives of and interviewed Yoseph Haddad several times in the past. You can read more about him here:


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