MembersWhy Would Israeli Journalists Fight Over Hunter Biden?

This election will affect Israel so profoundly that it is perceived as linked to the Jewish state’s future

| Topics: Trump, Media Bias, Biden
Why are Israeli journalists fighting over Hunter Biden?

Gadi Taub continues to provoke mud-sliding on Twitter, Israel’s preferred social media swamp. As a former leftist, the antagonism he creates among his one-time peers goes far beyond the usual petty skirmishes between journalists on the Left and Right.

Taub is a voice to be reckoned with since he continues to publish his columns in the left-wing daily Haaretz, and he has his own private internet TV program called “The Gate Keeper,” where he deals with issues that the Israeli mainstream media prefers to ignore, or misrepresent. One such issue is the US presidential election in general, and the Hunter Biden scandal in particular.

But before getting into it, consider first Taub’s explanation, provided in a recent interview with Arutz 7, as to why he no longer fears his former friends and colleagues:

“Today, the Left is at an intellectual disadvantage. The opinions of the Left are recycled; heated up in the microwave. The postmodern grinder, into which the same ideas are fed from the one end and are coming out from the other end,...

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