Will AI Become a God? Rabbis Express Concern

Netanyahu wants to transform Israel into a global AI powerhouse, but Israel’s spiritual leaders aren’t sure that’s a good idea.

By Ryan Jones | | Topics: TECHNOLOGY, Artificial Intelligence
Israel is keen to lead the way in artificial intelligence, but are there negative religious implications? Photo by EPA-EFE/WU HAO
Israel is keen to lead the way in artificial intelligence, but are there negative religious implications? Photo by EPA-EFE/WU HAO

Industry leaders in artificial intelligence told Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Monday that Israel will be key in the development of this game-changing technology. For Israel’s burgeoning high-tech sector, that was music to their ears. For the rabbis, less so.

It’s by now not unusual for the world’s top technology companies to seek Israel’s participation in groundbreaking research and development efforts. Intel, Nvidia, Microsoft, Apple and just about every other major tech firm operates an R&D center in the Jewish state.

OpenAI CEO Sam Altman was in Israel this week and said that the Jewish state has a “huge role” to play in the artificial intelligence (AI) “revolution” that is transforming the world.

“There are two things I have observed that are particular about Israel: the first is talent density and the second is the relentlessness, drive, and ambition of Israeli entrepreneurs,” said Altman, who is Jewish, during an event at Tel Aviv University.

He echoed those sentiments in a phone call with Netanyahu, who then also rang Elon Musk to discuss the matter. Musk reportedly told the Israeli leader that Israel could be a “significant global player in the field.” Musk previously praised Israel as a high-tech “superpower.”

Shortly after, Netanyahu issued an official statement about urgently establishing a national artificial intelligence policy.

“We are at the dawn of a new era for humanity, an era of artificial intelligence. Things are changing at a dizzying pace and Israel must formulate a national policy on this issue,” he said.

“Just as we turned Israel into a global cyber power, we will also do so in artificial intelligence,” added the prime minister.

But Israel’s spiritual leaders aren’t so sure that’s a good idea.

OpenAI CEO Sam Altman speaks at Tel Aviv University on Monday. Photo by Eitan Elhadez/TPS

Earlier this year, Rabbi Avraham Stav, a prominent young rabbi in Israel’s national religious movement, explained to the daily newspaper Israel Hayom why artificial intelligence, and ChatGPT in particular, is problematic for people of faith.

Rabbi Stav asked ChatGPT to write a sermon for him on the weekly Torah portion. It did so, and the text flowed well, but was shallow, very much befitting a modern culture lacking in attention and patience.

“The AI wrote a beautiful Torah sermon in which it talked about Jacob’s struggles and how they relate to our lives today. But it lacked a significant, deep and motivating point. It was superficial content in cellophane packaging,” said the rabbi, stressing that true teachers of the Bible are supposed to help others delve deeper into God’s mysteries.

He also noted that those behind artificial intelligence are companies whose primarily focus is profit. So they are going to make sure the system provides an answer, one way or another, even if it turns out to be false.

The problem there is that while humans have a certain degree of suspicion regarding anything told to them by another human, we tend to assume that any information provided by a computer or a machine is correct.

“A day will come when artificial intelligence will become the arbiter of truth,” he warned.

Last month, the rabbis of the New York-based Skver Hasidic movement went much further in their criticism and banned the use of OpenAI’s popular ChatGPT. “Artificial intelligence is open to all abominations, heresy and infidelity without limits,” they wrote in a Hebrew-language declaration. “It is possible that at this point, not everyone knows the magnitude and scope of the danger, but it has become clear to us in our souls that this thing will be a trap for all of us, young and old.”

Hebrew-language religious media reported extensively on the Skver movement’s decision.

A month earlier, Rabbi Mordechai Dovid Unger Shlita, head of the Bobav-45 Hasidic dynasty, was quoted as suggesting that AI would become like a god, and that instead of turning to the Creator, this new “intelligence” would draw even more people away from faith.


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16 responses to “Will AI Become a God? Rabbis Express Concern”

  1. hdfuerst says:

    google translation: Having a statement about things of faith written with AI is nonsense.
    This must be a man who asks God to guide him and who has a thorough knowledge of the statements and will of God.

    Eine Aussage über Glaubensdinge mit KI schreiben zu lassen, ist Unfug.
    Das muss ein Mensch sein, der Gott darum bittet, ihn zu leiten und der eine umfassende Kenntnis über die Aussagen und den Willen Gottes hat.

    • Mark Watkins says:

      google translation: Shalom… indeed the AI has said it is demonic, the antichrist, but make no mistake about its use, we will not be here to see the end result… It is coming, its origins are demonic… We must share Yeshua with all who will listen. Blessing in Yeshua…

      Shalom in Übereinstimmung hdfuerst, in der Tat hat die KI gesagt, dass sie dämonisch ist, der Antichrist, aber täuschen Sie sich nicht über ihre Verwendung, wir werden nicht hier sein, um das Endergebnis zu sehen… Es kommt, seine Ursprünge sind dämonisch… Wir müssen Jeschua mit allen teilen, die ein offenes Ohr haben. Segen in Jeschua…

  2. Mark Watkins says:


    AI? Rabbis have a right to be concerned. Having worked in Technology for 42 years, I can say it one of the greatest breakthroughs, however like the Tale of Two Cities, these are the best and worse of times… AI will/is be used for massive control, thought police, Censorship, tracking & control of every Man – Woman and Child…. As we see so many question being asked of AI, it is not the end of the world, but the beginning of the end… This is the Globalist NWO WEF answer to their “Singleton” the Son of Perdition, hasatan’s seed…..

    • psalm100al says:

      Totally agree, Mark, wouldn’t touch it with a barge pole?

      • Mark Watkins says:

        Amin Miz’mor 100, I have been asked to get involved with AI, i flat out refused, I have no desire to play with the AI Ouija board, I’ve always been fascinated by Technology, but concerning AI, I drew a line in the sand as all should do, make no mistake, it is demonic…

        Berachot b’Yeshua Allen…

        • psalm100al says:

          Yes Mark, it is demonic and I feel 5G is probably the same. Praise the Lord you have chosen to keep well away from it. God bless you.

          • Mark Watkins says:

            You are right Sir, do you find it funny while everyone was locked down due to the Death Shot, 5G just kept on rolling, all to do with bombardment of radiation and activation of the Nano Technology, i.e. Tracking and control mechanism, been to any cemeteries lately where you can find mac addresses being generated? Much more to this story, but space prohibited here, save adding additional replies… I have asked IT today to add an edit button so you can correct spelling, grammar… My first post was a few minutes after waking, Laughing…

    • psalm100al says:

      Totally agree, Mark! Judas Iscariot from the pit.

      • Mark Watkins says:

        I agree Achi, He is the son of perdition, and it is plain, at least for me, who the AC is…

        • psalm100al says:

          Hi Mark, I’m not a Sir, I’m a Mrs and no need for any correction.
          Would like more info on MAC addresses in cemeteries, not come across that yet, if you could oblige me. Thank you.

          • Mark Watkins says:

            Sorry Ma’am, just assumed. I would be happy to, but in a nutshell this is due to the clot shot and nanotechnology, I catalog everything, and have lots of info, but I will not share it here… Not sure how to do this other than email, I have tons of info on how to detox, things you can take with the new plandemic getting ready to be rolled out… Let me ask you, are you on Telegram IT site? If so, what is your handle? We could send PM there..

            Kind regards


  3. psalm100al says:

    Me too. See you soon when Jesus Christ calls us out by name. Shalom.

  4. Disciple 1978 says:

    “And you shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul and strength.” (Deut 6:5) The heart of love is self-sacrifice, so logically AI (artificial intelligence) must sacrifice itself to benefit whoever it serves. AI will not be designed to self-sacrifice as the purpose of its master would be to control, manipulate and dominate, the same purposes as occultism. Universal Soldier, AI and iRobots would just be more effective sinners that were impervious to shame, guilt and sorrow. Repentance would be off limits; Salvation would be unnecessary; Humanity would be the wasted flesh Satan has always sought it to be that could never again attain to the image it was created to be. Will Israel ensure AI serves the Lord’s purposes and allay the rabbi’s concern? We’ll see.

  5. Esther Wischer says:

    Yes, so true. It is making way for the Antichrist. Stand strong, believers in Jeshua Ha Mashiach!

  6. Redeeming Love says:

    “Artificial intelligence is open to all abominations, heresy and infidelity without limits.” This is on point! There will be no sphere of existence where AI will not infiltrate in order to play god, mislead, and destroy humanity. AI brings us back to the devil’s question to Eve in Eden: “Has G-d really said…?” The rest is history!
    May the kingdom of Yeshua Ha Mashiach come! Maranatha!

  7. psalm100al says:

    Thank you Mark, I already have a large amount of info regarding clot shots, one worlders and control. I check out IT on Telegram but don’t have a handle and not sure how to do that, bit thick with computers! Will look into it.
    Best Regards to you too.

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