Women for Palestine: The Lie Machine is Not a Time Machine Tomer Neuberg/Flash90

Women for Palestine: The Lie Machine is Not a Time Machine

No amount of evidence will ever be enough to convince those dedicated to a lie


The Israel Antiquities Authority last week revealed a new discovery from its excavation site in the Arnona neighborhood of Jerusalem. Very near the location of the American Embassy, the dig yielded one of the largest collections of royal seal impressions from the First Temple-period. The site itself, dated to the time of Kings Hezekiah and Manasseh (642-727 BCE), was a royal storage complex. Many of the seals, stamped on jar handles, carry names of senior officials and wealthy individuals from the Kingdom of Judah, among them the long-forgotten names of Naham Abdi, Meshalem Elnatan and Shalem Acha.

Rare as this particular finding is, mountain of evidence have already been unearthed from the Land of Israel that show beyond any reasonable doubt that the Bible is telling us true stories, not hollow narratives, like those exemplified in the empty Palestinian museum. But can such evidence change the minds of those who have chosen to believe in the Palestinian narrative? Could a recent tweet by “Women for Palestine” that exposes for the gazillionth time the Palestinian lie machine (perceived by the pro-Palestinian...


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