World “Rejoices”: Israel Kills an Arab Child

When a Palestinian boy was accidentally killed by Israeli soldiers last week, Israel-haters celebrated another propaganda victory.

By Michael Selutin | | Topics: palestinians
Archive image: A funeral is used for propaganda purposes, Photo: Flash90
Archive image: A funeral is used for propaganda purposes, Photo: Flash90

Last Thursday evening, an IDF post on the outskirts of the Jewish settlement of Neve Tzuf came under heavy gunfire from the terrorist stronghold of Nabi Saleh. Israeli soldiers returned fire and accidentally hit a car in which an uninvolved father and his son, Mohammed Tamimi, were hit.

The injured father and child were rushed to the Jewish settlement, knowing they would find medical care there (and proving that they knew the soldiers hadn’t purposefully fired on them). A helicopter was called to take the two-year-old child to a hospital in Tel Aviv, where Israel’s top doctors fought for his life for several days. Eventually, however, Mohammed died of his injuries.


Pallywood takes over

Palestinian sources initially admitted that the shooting began from Nabi Saleh and that the IDF soldiers merely responded, although they claimed the soldiers had fired “indiscriminately.”

Only later did the Palestinians realize that this story could be used for their propaganda purposes. Bilal al-Tamimi, a Palestinian anti-Israel activist who describes himself as a human rights defender, issued a statement claiming that the IDF ambushed the vehicle at the entrance to Nabi Saleh, pursuing it and then opening fire on the unsuspecting father and child from close range.

Perhaps this lie was too obvious, because al-Tamimi later changed the story again:

“In the village we know that there was no shooting, nor was there stone-throwing… The child was in front of his house, his father tried to take him and hide him in the car when he saw the soldiers who were on the other side of the village road open fire. … Some soldiers hid maybe 15 meters away from him. They know the house, they know the area, but as soon as they saw him, they immediately shot him, the child and the father. We think from the first moment they tried to get him into the hospital to show that they have some humanity and that they will try to help them to [cover it up], but we know that is not the [truth].”

So the Israeli soldiers shot the father and his son on purpose just so they could take them to the hospital. There they would be nursed and cared for to show that Israel is merciful. That sounds like a script from Pallywood, but not like the Israeli army.


Who wins?

Pro-Israel blogger Elder of Ziyon published a very accurate analysis of the motivations of the parties involved.

There is a great irony not often addressed by reporters and observers of the perpetual war between Israel and the Palestinians.

Israel respects and seeks to protect human life of both its citizens – its primary goal – and its enemies. The IDF has no incentive to attack the innocent; on the contrary, it only works to their disadvantage. It gains nothing from the deaths of innocent Palestinians and loses a great deal. Even without its own code of ethics and rules of engagement to protect the innocent, Israel would do its best to avoid collateral damage, as there is a keen interest worldwide in portraying Israelis as monsters. It makes no sense that Israel would target or wantonly disregard the lives of innocent civilians. Everyone knows that.

The Palestinian side, on the other hand, celebrates openly and with pride when their side murders Jews. But they also rejoice in the deaths of her own people, hailing them as “martyrs” and proudly proclaiming that even the most bloodthirsty killers are heroes who go to paradise. Photos of corpses go viral when Jews can be blamed for their deaths. Death is a lucrative business because dead Palestinians can lead to international condemnation of Israel and huge propaganda gains, and even financial support not only from Iran but also from European governments and NGOs.

And then there are the anti-Israel activists. These are people who self-righteously claim to care for human life, but whose primary goal is to demonize Israeli Jews. For them, a dead Palestinian child is not a tragedy, as they claim – but a rare opportunity.


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One response to “World “Rejoices”: Israel Kills an Arab Child”

  1. Mark Watkins says:

    The Palestinians know better, but it is their Evil intent bent on their propaganda machine of hatred, this is who they are, those behind this terrorist machine will answer for this here and in the life to come…

    It is sad this little boy died, I know Israeli Doctors did everything they could do, and we pray for his family for comfort…during these difficult days, we pray for them to come to know the Sar Shalom Yeshua…

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