Would Israelis Vote for Jesus?

With a fateful third election in less than a year coming up, we revisit this important question

By Israel Today Staff | | Topics: MESSIANIC JEWS, Jesus
Photo: YouTube screenshot

Ahead of the 2013 national election in Israel, Messianic Jewish evangelist Ya’akov Damkani took to the streets of Tel Aviv to find out who folks were planning to vote for, and if they’d consider Jesus (Yeshua) as a viable candidate.

While the interviews are now nearly seven years old, it is telling how closely they echo the issues at the center of the upcoming March 2020 election (the third in the past year). 

Clearly, very little has changed.

Which is why Damkani’s pointed question of whether or not average Israelis would vote for Messianic Jews or even Jesus himself as a means of shaking up a broken system remains entirely relevant today.

Most of the respondents, who were socially-minded Tel Avivians, said they liked Jesus’ anti-establishment stand, and would have no problem voting for him. But nearly all of them mistakenly identified Jesus as not being a Jew.

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