Surveillance operators in the IDF IDF Spokesperson


How Israel’s borders rely on a special group of young female soldiers – watchwomen on the walls

by David Shishkoff

The IDF, and by extension the nation of Israel, owes an enormous debt of gratitude to a special group of women soldiers who watch the borders to protect us from terrorist attacks, literally 24/7. They are called affectionately the “eyes of the nation.” Israel Today interviewed one of these ladies whom we shall call “L,” who served in this capacity as a Messianic Jewess and has completed her army service. Eighteen-year-old Israeli men and women are drafted for compulsory military service – usually lasting two to three years.


Israel Today: What did you do in the army?

L: I was part of the group of surveillance monitoring operators performing look-out duties along Israel’s northern border.


How would you describe the role?

This is a combat-support role performed only by women soldiers. The role includes operating surveillance systems for detecting and thwarting hostile elements along the borders of the State of Israel and monitoring the fence system using various technological devices. Surveillance operators are responsible for discerning enemy forces, identifying hostile intrusion attempts and...


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