Members“Messiah” Returns to the Middle East

What happens when biblical prophecy and beliefs collide with the reality of the Middle East and world politics? 

By Aviel Schneider | | Topics: Jesus, Messiah, Yeshua
What would happen if Messiah came to Israel today?
Photo: YouTube screenshot

How would the media and governments deal with the coming of Messiah, who appears for the first time as expected by the Jews, and for Christians for the second time? 

Will technological developments and social networks facilitate belief in the supernatural event, or will the biblical promise of salvation be judged critically and with doubt in spite of the miraculous signs that accompany the Messiah’s return? 

What happens when we discover that our ideas about the Messiah are different than what we expected? How will we recognize the Messiah? Does it depend on our inner convictions?

These are some of the issues a new Netflix series on the Second Coming of Yeshua (Jesus) is asking.  


A lightning rod for controversy

The film is already stirring up controversy in the Middle East. In Jordan, the series called “Messiah” may not be broadcast. The national film agency in Amman has reviewed the series and says it degrades Islam. In Israel, the series has stimulated discussions about...

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