You are Bringing Life to Israel’s Desert!

Join Israel Today staff members Ayala and Hanna as they check up on the olive trees that you our readers are helping to plant.

By Israel Today Staff |

Yesterday we went down to the Negev desert, and we want you to invite you into the experience with us. We came to check out olive groves 5 and 6 which you are planting together with us. Four thousand olive trees are already thriving in groves 1 to 4. And now 2,600 new olive trees are being planted in groves 5 and 6.

We started out at 6:30 AM in Jerusalem. By 9:15 AM we arrived at the Israel Today olive groves and vineyard. There we first had breakfast which included olive oil from our groves and a taste of red wine from our vineyard.

Don’t worry, we weren’t drunk and didn’t count the trees twice … ???? After this little refreshment, we started counting the olive trees and dividing the rows.

Rami marked the rows in the desert sand while Ayala and I counted. The sun was shining and there was a pleasant breeze. After about 3 hours we were finished, and now we can soon send all customers the exact location of their olive tree.

The trip to the desert was paradoxically both tiring as well as relaxing. The people in the desert are laid back. The children run around barefoot. COVID masks are nowhere to be seen. This is completely different from Jerusalem, where everything is hectic and everyone makes sure everyone else has their mask over their nose. Unlike the bustling city of Jerusalem, in the desert, the only noise is from the twittering of birds and a rustling here and there in the bushes. Relaxation for the soul!

In the afternoon we drove back home. We gradually left behind the brown desert and saw shades of green around Beer Sheba and northward, mixed with occasional yellow flowers. In a month or two, when summer begins, this grass will wither, and the color of brown will dominate nature again there too. Meanwhile we enjoyed it!


And if you feel like having a picnic with our olive oil and wine, you can purchase them as well, here:



Our olive oil from the Negev desert

Our desert red wine




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