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You Know the Bible, Don’t You?

Israel’s Independence Day has a strong focus on the Bible. Come celebrate with us!

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The Bible is part of everyday life in Israel. I have often told you about how we keep drifting into biblical topics in our conversations with friends. It just happens, and it explains why the annual Independence Day Bible Quiz adds a spiritual dimension to celebrating Israel’s return to its homeland and encourages Israelis to study the Bible.


Here are a few of the more simple questions from the annual event:

  • Which tribe was almost wiped out in the course of a serious civil war?
  • What was “crimson rope” used for in the Bible?
  • “Be fruitful and multiply and fill the earth” – This saying is mentioned twice in the Bible. Where is the second occurrence?
  • Who used the term “a star stands out over Jacob” in his speech about Israel?


Why am I asking these questions? To give you a taste of what’s going on next week, when Israel will celebrate its 73rd birthday. Independence Day is a special annual convergence of deep grief and overwhelming joy as we first mark Memorial Day and then move immediately into celebrating our restoration and freedom. But more than that, Israel exists because of biblical promises. That is why the Bible plays such a central role in our Independence Day celebrations. In the annual Bible Quiz, young people seek answers to Bible-related questions that are central to our Jewish identity. It is such an important event that the final round is conducted by none other than Israel’s Prime Minister.

Prime Minister Netanyahu at the annual Bible Quiz

We want to provide you a way to participate and feel that you belong, right along with us. Because you love the people of Israel, believe in the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, and know the Bible. So we decided to host our own Bible Quiz right here from Jerusalem. We invite our entire Israel Today community to participate. I am sure you know the Bible.

If you don’t feel comfortable putting yourself out there and answering, no problem. You can still join us to watch and enjoy the event. Who knows what new biblical secrets you might learn. So join us in celebrating Israel’s Independence Day and discovering the Bible anew. Am Israel Chai, the people of Israel live!

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